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Name: Bill Abrams
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Born and raised in Burlington County NJ. Served in the Army. Worked for RCA and then GE in various computer related positions for 27 years. Taught part time at Temple University's Management Center, Glassboro State and Camden County College. Co-Founder VP of Training and Education Associates, Ballston Spa, NY (retired). Hobbies: Photography, Geocaching, Travel, cooking. Enjoy playing with grandchildren, supporting social justice issues and helping out at church. Check out Bill and Shirlene's Photography at

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Dec 01

Enzymes, not scapel

A number of years ago I was diagnosed with Dupuytren’s Contractures. For me it looked like a cord had formed or hardened in my left hand running from my ring finger to the lower part of my palm. The doctor explained that it most likely would get worse and deform my hand. At that time …

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Jun 24

Musing About Music

Musing about Music — I recently read that 30 minutes of music a day is good for your health. The possibility of reducing blood pressure and reducing memory loss got my attention. Below are some extracts for articles I found on the internet. Yesterday my wife and I started setting aside 30 minutes a day …

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May 08

Is Traveling Healthy for Seniors?

We leave in a couple days for a trip to Provence, France. So I thought I would Google to see how many hits I would get on the subject of “benefits of travel for seniors”. Of the 33 million hits, those selling travel packages for seniors was the most frequent. Followed by warnings about traveling with a …

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May 05

Is this “Aging with Grace” or looking like a fool?

My normal response to any Facebook posting that reads “you have to see this” is to delete it without looking at it.  I do the same when I get an envelope marked “open, urgent.” It goes in the trash instantly! But something told me to open this email. It came from someone I trusted, so …

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Apr 23

Would you if you could?

Soylent Green is a 1973 film set in the year 2022. The earth’s face has completely changed. New York’s population, for example, has grown to 40 million mouths to feed. The greenhouse effect has risen the temperature into nearly unbearable regions, and the people are kept in the cities by law. The government has made …

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Apr 16


  In 2003 we were flying somewhere and my wife handed me a USAir inflight magazine and said this sounds like something you would like. It was an article about a new “sport” called GeoCaching (a.k.a. caching). According to “Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a …

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Apr 14

What does aging with grace look like?

This week the facilitator of my Aging with Grace discussion group said “You are aging gracefully as long as you are asking questions.” At first I was not sure if I could buy into that definition. When I am faced with this type definition, I automatically hear Dr. Dan Gottlieb saying “What would it look like if …

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