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Sep 29

Autumn’s Glorious Flavors- 01

Posted by Marla Russell You know it’s really fall when the first batch of soup or chili has been built after a summer of grilled vegetables and giant dinner salads celebrating the abundance of the season. Beets take some bullying, so today I’m standing up to the critics.  Beets come early in the spring and …

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Jun 03

Eight Minutes of Mindfulness / Yoga with Ritu Pandya

Here it is!  The first Yoga video with Ritu Pandya.  Ritu teaches Yoga, Bollywood Dance, Doonya and much more! This first video, Eight Minutes of Mindfulness,  highlights basic yoga poses and stretches.  If you haven’t done Yoga before this will be a terrific place to start! You might find if helpful to watch it through …

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May 25

Two Fresh & Fabulous Strawberry Recipes for Spring

Happy Spring! Here in New Jersey (the Garden State) strawberry season is anticipated almost as much as tomato season. Jersey berries are small and red all the way through and the flavor is simply out of this world. We had a cold and rainy March and April this year and I’m wondering if this affects …

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May 05

Is this “Aging with Grace” or looking like a fool?

My normal response to any Facebook posting that reads “you have to see this” is to delete it without looking at it.  I do the same when I get an envelope marked “open, urgent.” It goes in the trash instantly! But something told me to open this email. It came from someone I trusted, so …

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Apr 20

Hold On Tight! Fighting Urinary Incontinence

Have you seen the commercials on television talking about urinary incontinence (urine leakage)? Perhaps you or someone you know experiences urinary incontinence, possibly when exercising, laughing, sneezing, or coughing? Over the years, women have shared their frustration and embarrassment because of their urinary incontinence issue. Though there are various traditional medical treatments (e.g., medication and …

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Apr 08

Be Careful…You’ll Break Your Dang Hip!

I know you don’t want to hear it but, most people will reach their “peak bone mass” between the ages of 25 and 30. That means, by the time we’re having that 40th birthday we’ll slowly begin to lose bone mass. Men tend to have a higher peak bone mass than women, but both should …

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