Apr 14

“Goddesses Never Age”

I’ve read lots of articles about aging over the years, trying to find things that would help my husband and me stay healthy as we get older. The advice always seems the same – exercise, eat better, stay optimistic, socialize, etc.
All good things.

But… I’ve actually been doing these things for years (stretching, walking, eating reasonably healthy foods.) And I still often feel tired and achy, depressed at times… So what to do? Maybe this is just natural aging. After all, my husband and I are in our 70’s and “knock on wood”… oh so lucky, no major issues yet.

A few weeks ago, we happened to catch a PBS program on aging. It hit me like a bolt of lightning! Just what I was looking for. Christiane Northrup, an OB/GYN doctor was presenting all kinds of new information about how to age gracefully! Many new scientific findings plus lots of advice from her own life and working with women in her medical practice.

There was so much information, I couldn’t absorb it all! So I ordered her book, “Goddesses Never Age” and started to read. She had me at the first chapter with her description about how our culture expects that “older” people are in decline and slowly deteriorating.

Dr Northrup suggested we develop a new way of thinking to help us flourish physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as we age. She offers practical information about women’s issues… medical, psychological, mind-body connection, nutrition, exercise, and healing.

Some phrases that I could relate to:
(mostly paraphrased from the book)

• Dance for 5 minutes in your kitchen to your favorite music.
• Grow and try something new.
• Grief is a process, not an event.
• Creativity is the life force.
• The more critical and unforgiving we are toward ourselves, the more miserable and sick we’re apt to be.
• Spiritual practices are activities that nourish your soul, energize you, and make you feel good. For me – doing art projects, dancing, playing, making coffee, de-cluttering a drawer (it felt so good throwing old stuff away!)

So far, all this info and advice has re-energized me and given me whole new things to think about. This may be life-changing for me, but I’m just getting started. Will let you know how it goes…


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