Apr 20

Grammy in the Hood

I think “playing” may become one of my “spiritual practices”. It fits my current definition – activities that nourish your soul, energize you, and make you feel good.

Last week, I played Xbox Kinect “River Rush” with my grandsons, Ben (15) and Tim (10). It was such fun! and great exercise! Of course, they creamed me on the scoring end. But they couldn’t believe how hard I was trying, jumping up and down, swaying from side to side! We were all laughing! It took me back to my childhood, competing with my older brother on everything and never winning. Of course I wasn’t laughing then, but later we often laughed about all that kid stuff.

The week before, I tried playing Minecraft with my grand-daughter, Jordyn. She was constantly saving me from everything because I couldn’t keep the buttons straight on the hand-held gizmo. I told her we were Cave Woman buddies. She liked that… I’m pretty sure we’ll play again.

Playing MineCraft

Playing MineCraft

I’ve realized for some time that my inner child is not far below the surface. Becoming a child again is so much fun, even if it’s just for a short time. I find it so refreshing and decided it fits my definition of a “spiritual practice”.

I’m very lucky… my husband likes to play too. When we were first married, I used to hide behind things and jump out when he went past… just like when I was an annoying little sister. I stopped doing it when he started hiding and jumping out on me:) We’ve evolved into a different ways of playing, doing puzzles together, competing on Words with Friends… hmm, pretty sedate. Maybe I can talk him into getting an Xbox and Kinect so we can play “River Rush” together.

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