Jun 24

Musing About Music

Musing about Music

I recently read that 30 minutes of music a day is good for your health. The possibility of reducing blood pressure and reducing memory loss got my attention. Below are some extracts for articles I found on the internet. Yesterday my wife and I started setting aside 30 minutes a day for listening to music that we find relaxing. For our first day, I chose Brother Sun, Sister Moon by the Cambridge Singers. Next choices are Cristofori’s Dream by David Lance, Songs from A Secret Garden, and anything by Kitaro. Do you have any music that you find relaxing? We decided to alternate days so we each have a chance to pick the music for that day.music

The June 24th 2015 edition of DailyMail.com, a UK publication, has an interesting article on the healthful effect of listing to music. Some excerpts below:

How it helps chronic back pain:

Music works on the autonomic nervous system – the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling our blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function – and also the limbic system – the part of the brain that controls feelings and emotions. According to one piece of research, both these systems react sensitively to music.

How it helps during exercise:

Experts say listening to music during exercise can give you a better workout in several ways. Scientists claim it can increase your endurance, boost your mood and can distract you from any discomfort experienced during your workout.

How it helps memory loss:

For many people suffering from memory loss the spoken language has become meaningless. Music can help patients remember tunes or songs and get in touch with their history. This is because the part of the brain which processes music is located next to memory. Read more:


Another article discussed reducing blood pressure

By playing recordings of relaxing music every morning and evening, people with high blood pressure can train themselves to lower their blood pressure – and keep it low. According to research reported at the American Society of Hypertension meeting in New Orleans, listening to just 30 minutes of classical, Celtic or raga music every day may significantly reduce high blood pressure.

More information about pain relief and other benefits at: http://www.emedexpert.com/tips/music.shtml

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