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Aug 20

The Tale of Two Boomers

This post was originally published on BoomerCafe.com Sometimes I think there are actually two generations of Boomers. The 40’s Boomers and the 50’s-60’s Boomers. What makes me say this? Well, I just read a story on BoomerCafé called, “Baby Boomers Stake Out Claim In Digital World”, where it talked about how boomers are finally getting …

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Jun 24

Musing About Music

Musing about Music — I recently read that 30 minutes of music a day is good for your health. The possibility of reducing blood pressure and reducing memory loss got my attention. Below are some extracts for articles I found on the internet. Yesterday my wife and I started setting aside 30 minutes a day …

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May 08

Is Traveling Healthy for Seniors?

We leave in a couple days for a trip to Provence, France. So I thought I would Google to see how many hits I would get on the subject of “benefits of travel for seniors”. Of the 33 million hits, those selling travel packages for seniors was the most frequent. Followed by warnings about traveling with a …

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Apr 03

Grow New Brain Cells TODAY!

Neurogenesis, great word, right?  Sounds so science fiction. There was a time when the general scientific belief was that we were born with all the neurons we were ever going to have and as we aged the neurons died off and we inevitably developed dementia. Yikes! Thank goodness the scientific community found evidence that new …

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