Apr 24

The Joy of Making Coffee

Recently, my husband and I decided to go back to making our morning coffee in a French Press. The thrill was gone from using our K-Cup coffee maker. It’s fast and easy but something seemed to be missing. Making the morning coffee has always been my job. Bill does all the cooking, lucky me 🙂

Coffee cup_rev2Strangely enough, I found I really looked forward making the coffee each morning. I started setting up things at night, grinding the coffee (it smelled so good!), setting out the morning dishes, etc. I almost couldn’t wait for the next day. My husband, Bill, could hardly believe it wasn’t just a chore for me, but actually enjoyable.

It feels like there’s a rhythm to it… boiling the water, measuring out the coffee, heating the cream. I started watching the clock to see how long each thing took. Sounds kinda crazy, huh? But somehow the process feels comforting and I try to do it better and faster every morning. I definitely decided there was a rhythm to the process, like sailors singing a song while they pull heavy nets into their boat.

Bill talked about a similar feeling he had when he was a teen-ager. He was a pin boy at a bowling alley and the process also had rhythm, how many pins could he grab at one time, could he set them all on the little spikes quickly, and climb back up onto his seat before the next ball came down the alley?

That led us to an on-going conversation about the little things, often under our radar, that make us feel good… like taking a hot shower, sitting in the sunshine (especially after the long winter), meeting for Happy Hour in our living room at 4pm. Wow… so many possibilities, I’m now trying to be more observant about the little things. Maybe I’ll notice a few more “under the radar” things that I enjoy. It makes me feel good just to ponder this…

Anyone else have a similar experience?


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