Aug 20

The Tale of Two Boomers

This post was originally published on BoomerCafe.com

Sometimes I think there are actually two generations of Boomers.
The 40’s Boomers and the 50’s-60’s Boomers.

What makes me say this? Well, I just read a story on BoomerCafé called, “Baby Boomers Stake Out Claim In Digital World”, where it talked about how boomers are finally getting savvy about technology. How they are now finding Facebook and other digital wonders.

I would say that may be true for some boomers I know, my sister (born ‘46), my neighbors, Barbara (’48) and Tony (‘45), but I certainly wouldn’t say that about myself or many of my friends. In 1994, I was nose down in books about the rapidly expanding internet and anxiously dialing up my 9600 baud modem to see what was out there. I learned to hand code a website in 1995 via AOL’s “Coder Café”.


But, there are always naysayers and doubters right?

When I was trying (in 1995-96) to get my current company to embrace email I met resistance.
I explained how much better it was to email rather than phone a client, trying to catch him/her at a “good” time. The client could read the email when they had down time between appointments and had a moment to spare. One of my colleagues, a video engineer, said to me, “Oh that Internet thing is just a fad, it will die out just like CB radios”.

Hmmm…CB radios, huh?

And guess what? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Steve Woszniak; all Baby Boomers. Yup, we boomers ARE the digital age. Nerds and Geek boomers brought us into this amazing technological age and many, I dare say, are still innovating. Not just keeping up, but innovating.

TheBig3-BCLook at this awesome *website. This is a well designed, content rich and certainly not tech shy website. It’s built by Boomers, right?

As I am more closely considering this issue I’m realizing this is a matter of personality and comfort zone, not age. My 20 something kids aren’t really that tech savvy. They don’t twitter and they ask me for the best compression codec for You Tube.  My 40 something friend calls me up to help her figure out why the printer isn’t printing or what’s going on with her cable modem!

Sometimes I think there are actually two generations of Boomers. The 40’s Boomers and the 50’s-60’s Boomers. But, no that’s wrong, there are millions of us and we’re all different. Some born with an insatiable curiosity about anything current and state-of-the-art, and some most comfortable with the familiar and contented with what is recognizable and agreeable.

Of course it takes all kinds to balance out this world. I say welcome to those who are now comfortable to peer into the present with open eyes and only somewhat reluctant fingers. And to the trailblazers, Thank-you for imagining and executing an entire new age!
The Information Age!

*referring to the boomercafe.com website, which is…awesome.  Visit soon.

Written by Marla Russell

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