Apr 14

What does aging with grace look like?

This week the facilitator of my Aging with Grace discussion group said “You are aging gracefully as long as you are asking questions.” At first I was not sure if I could buy into that definition. When I am faced with this type definition, I automatically hear Dr. Dan Gottlieb saying “What would it look like if you were aging gracefully?”

My first thoughts… I would not be in a wheel chair, I would be dressed neatly, people would not be hovering around me helping me do this and that. I would not be in an ugly place.

I went looking for other definitions. “Looking old, but embracing it” – I like the embracing part. “Showing signs of aging, but still powering forward with life.” I like the powering forward idea.

Back to “You are aging gracefully as long as you are asking questions.” After more thought, I interpret this as me asking my doctors and medical support folks questions like “Are there any alternatives to this?” or “What would happen if I did not do this?” or even “what do you think about …….?”  Or saying to someone giving me financial advice “That sounds interesting but I am more comfortable with Low Risk or No Risk investments. Do you have any?” Or maybe researching additional info on my own about something I heard on the news, read in a magazine, or came up in a conversation with someone. Google is a great place to ask questions.

In general, my definition is not letting others guide me through life without participating in the decision process. I will use this definition while I keep questioning to see if it still is appropriate for me.

What do you think Aging with Grace looks like?

Bill GFS_resizedWritten by Bill Abrams

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